The revolution is love

A must-watch.

I think love is the felt experience of connection to another being. An economist says ‘more for you is less for me.’ But the lover knows that more of you is more for me too. If you love somebody their happiness is your happiness. Their pain is your pain. Your sense of self expands to include other beings.
— Charles Eisenstein

Check out to learn more about Charles Eisenstein's ideas for a new economy.

The world needs more love letters

Up until today, Hannah Brechner's family communicates with each other via handwritten letters, in a world where, as she puts it,  “everything is paperless and where some of our best conversations have happened upon a screen.”

When she fell into depression after college, she started writing love letters to strangers, and spreading them all over New York City, for people to randomly discover. Shortly after, she made a promise to the internet on her blog : whoever wanted a hand-written letter from her, all they had to do was ask. She would send one straight away.

Over the next year, she wrote over 400 hand-penned letters and started a global initiative called The World Needs More Love Letters dedicated to connecting strangers all over the world via the art of letter writing. With love, intention and cursive handwriting.

Hannah and the More Love Letters team believe that that’s basically what the world needs:
“Love. Pure, old-fashioned, never goes out of style Love.
Ridiculous, oozing, cannot pack this thang into 140-characters kind of love.” agrees.

Watch here her inspiring 6 minute TEDtalk, learn more about the movement, whip out your best stationary (do you even own any?) and get that cursive going.

[To] sit down, pull out a piece of paper and think about someone the whole way through … is an art form that does not fall down to the Goliath of ‘get faster.
— Hannah Brencher