Love Tunnel NYC

A few years ago a dear friend and amazing photographer, Ruvan, started a love installation. Every 14th of February, Valentine's Day, he puts up pictures on the wall of a subway station in New York. They are pictures of what he feels are representations of love - couples kissing, nature, moments of joy - and they intend on creating power and positivity through the appreciation of each other.

People who pass by are invited not only to observe these manifestations of love, but also to take a gift home: they are encouraged to take a print and keep it for themselves or share with someone they love.

by @bfeigon

by @bfeigon

Ruvan has been collecting pictures of people kissing for some time now. Last year he invited friends and family over to his studio to photograph them kissing for this very installation. My picture kissing didn't have the luck of being produced but I love the result of the spontaneous, messy kiss anyway ;-)

For its forth year, he decided to take the installation a step further. He's inviting photographers, lovers and humans to participate in the Love Tunnel by sending in their own photographs. All you have to do is to choose a picture that represents love to you, go to this link and upload it by clicking on Submit a Photograph. Your picture will be printed out and will become part of this year's Love Tunnel NYC installation. A simple gesture that shares love in times when we need it most.