This is Love

My first Whole Foods/Amazon Prime delivery just arrived. It’s a summer night, but it’s cold and rainy outside. We’re under the effect of a new moon.


I unpacked my groceries and pulled up the recipe I planned to cook. As I’m searching for a podcast to listen to, I stumble upon on a list made by Esquire of the best podcasts of 2018. This is Love jumps out at me and bites me on the nose.

The introduction to the podcast talks about the selflessness of a spider-momma, who intentionally makes her children eat her when all other source of nourishment has been depleted. This intro could not make me - a biologist with a blog about love - more interested on what was to come.

The first episode is a story between two people who fall in love and create for themselves a life filled freedom, beauty and spirituality. I won’t give any more away but let’s just say that as I listened, tears covered the beets and sweet potatoes I was clumsily chopping.


This is Love is a show about people who are dealing with the inescapable nature of love and how a simple act of love can change the course of it all. “A investigation into life’s most persistent mystery”.

I’ve had this blog for some time. And I’ve abandoned it for some time. I’m really grateful this podcast got me back to writing about love. I hope you enjoy This is Love as much as I have.