Revolutionary Love

I first heard of Valarie Kaur when a video of her speaking went viral on Facebook, in the beginning of 2017. This Sikh American civil rights activist speaks of an era of rage, of darkness, of not seeing each other as we truly are - brothers and sisters. She speaks passionately and eloquently about the spirit of ever rising optimism and a call for revolutionary love.

If you haven't done so, watch Valerie speaking on the last night of 2016, soon after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. This video has had over 4 million views on Facebook.

Valerie Kaur founded the Revolutionary Love Project that offers calls to action, tools, inspiration, and support to fight for social justice through the ethic of love. She is also the founder of Groundswell Movement, ta multifaith online organizing community for social justice. Valerie believes that "Love is not just a feeling but an action. Love is the commitment to extend our will for the flourishing of others, opponents, and ourselves. When we love even in the face of fear and rage, we can transform a relationship, a culture, and a country. Love becomes revolutionary. The way we make change is just as important as the change we make. In this dangerous new era, Revolutionary Love is the call of our times." I couldn't agree more.

You can read more and become a part of this movement here and here.