More love please

In 2009, Ygor Marotta began applying tags on public payphones in the city of São Paulo asking for more love. Shortly after, the phrase in Portuguese "Mais amor por favor (More love please)" become a graffiti, in cursive writing to differentiate itself from other graffitis and also to bring a delicate touch to the request being made.

Soon "more love please" became a letter press poster and was spread all over the city, inviting each passer-by to feel and show more love by being kinder, more polite, more respectful to however is next to you. To take a short break from the rush of the big city, from the cars driving by, from the toughness of it all.

Much like Roadsworth's work, Marotta´s intervention wants to create a small glitch in the Matrix and try get people out of autopilot, even if for a second. The movement spread all over the internet and became inspiration for a series of other movements. Marotta and friends have spread posters in other Brazilian and Latin American cities. A recent video celebrating São Paulo's birthday shows them in action. Wanna buy a poster and spread the love? Send him an email and check out his website.

"More love please" graffiti - São Paulo

"More love please" poster - São Paulo

"More love please" poster - Rio de Janeiro

"More love please" - Buenos Aires