The Icarus Deception

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and blogger who thinks about the marketing of ideas in the digital age and who is uniquely respected for his understanding of the Internet.

In his recent book, The Icarus Deception, he looks at the end of the industrial economy and what happens next. The commonly understood moral of the story of Icarus is to play it safe, to obey authority. In this book, Godin defends forging your own path, choosing to do something you feel fulfilled by and that brings happiness to you, and consequently, to those around you. Godin argues how the internet has created the connection revolution that makes it possible to stand up to world and show your "art" - whatever it may be .

Check out the inspiring short movie that explains a little bit about the book, and his website that gathers examples of people who choose to fly closer to the sun, going directly against the moral of the story of Icarus.

Via Swiss-Miss (Tina Roth, who is part of the video below).

Life’s too short not to do something you’re thoroughly passionate about
— Tina Roth Eisenberg