Happy Birthday, São Paulo

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil. It's also the largest city in the southern hemisphere and the Americas, and the world's eighth largest city by population. You get it...it's a big city. And, last Friday, it turned 459 years old...which is not that old at all, specially considering all it's come to be in such a short period of time.

And, like any big city, it has some problems. I'm not gonna into them now, but they are certainly felt by the population. The kilometers of traffic, social injustice, the predominance of grey.

Recently, the city has received many manifestations of love. All you have to do is walk around São Paulo to see that people are declaring their love everywhere, and calling more people to feel more love.

Here is a small video of a few of these manifestations of love, gathered to celebrate the city's anniversary. I'll get into details on some of them in later posts, don't worry ;-) They are (in order of appearance) A Heart Beats Here, Vj Suave and #moreloveplease, To Reforest is to live, Urband-Aids, Falling tickets and There is Love in São Paulo. 

And why do I care? Well, I've been living in São Paulo for almost two years now. I'm not gonna say the city has been kind to me, but it certainly has been sweet living here so far. So, here is also my appreciation.