The Secret Gardener

Have you ever wondered why big cities are so grey? Or about how there seems to be a lack of public space in which to grow beautiful things? These types of questions have brought about action from "Guerrilla Gardeners" such as these folks, in the form of illicit cultivation in cities around the world.

Lea Du Plessis, a 22 year old that lives in Johannesburg, puts on a pink wig at night, plants trees and spreads love all over her city. Some people call her crazy, but she says she just wants to spread smiles on people's faces.

Check out Lea's tumblr where she gathers pictures, inspirations and documents her missions across Johannesburg and other cities she visits.

The earth laughs in flowers.
— E.E. Cummings

Evidence of a recent hanging up guerrilla gardening session by the Secret Gardener in Johannasburg, South Africa.